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ALUFOX heat-insulation fitting is very easy. Apart from ALUFOX heat-insulation we need: wall-paper knife or scissors, sewing surfaces gun with steel clips if we fit insulation to the wood, electric drill and sheet metal screws if we fit ALUFOX heat-insulation directly on the plaster and cardboard plates (one needs to remember about minimum12 mm of space between ALUFOX heat-insulation and the plaster and cardboard plate), silicone glue as universal tool and self-adhesive aluminium sticky tape with which all joints should be veneered.

Fitting with the double-sided air-gap (minimum 12 mm).

  • attics, lofts, ceilings
  • roofs constructed for roofing-tiles
  • facades (clinker brick, siding, stone and metal plates)
  • heat insulation of pipes and containers
  • heat insulation of garage gates
  • air-conditioning installation

 Direkte Montage ( ohne Luftraum )

  • floors set on the concrete
  • under the floor central heating
  • thermal and steam insulation of floors
  • heat insulation of pipes and containers
  • heat insulation of windows
  • air-conditioning installation



1. Transport.

2. Necessary tools (scissors, small knife, taker - a sewing gun).

3. Cutting (with knife, scissors)

4. Fixing:

  • to wood - steel clips
  • to metal - silicone, glue, sheet metal screws
  • to the floor - setting under the insulation dead-weight

5. Joints' veneering with the self-adhesive aluminium sticky tape is a must.