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ALUFOX heat-insulation advantages:

  • thermal conductivity (NBN B62-201) 0,034 W/mK
  • Coefficient of heat reflection in 85%
  • safe in fitting (it does not fall off into eyes or under a collar)
  • easy to install (sewing surfaces gun or silicone glue, scissors and self-adhesive aluminium sticky tape)
  • economical
  • neither toxic nor carcinogenic
  • does not crush itself, does not shrink nor crumbles
  • fungus, mould and bacteria resistant
  • makes a barrier for all physical losses of heat, especially thermal radiation
  • moisture in the air does not influence the heat-insulation work
  • steam retarder (holds it)
  • liquidates dew point
  • does not absorb moisture from the basis
  • easy in transport (does not weigh much and has volume about 20 times smaller than other heat-insulation materials)
  • easy to repair