Heat loss phenomenon

Three physical phenomena are connected with heat losses: radiation, conduction and convection. The drawings are to explain the part of particular phenomena in the process of heat loss.

The radiation phenomenon, which makes up as far as 75% of heat losses caused by different physical phenomena, is omitted in case of traditional heat-insulation materials. Their structure is the proof because it is only aluminium screen that is able to limit the thermal radiation up to 97%. The heat of radiation comes through the traditional heat-insulation materials almost in 100% and if there were set one after the other it will not protect against heat losses caused by the radiation phenomenon. The analysis of phenomena connected with thermal losses resulted in thickness decrease of ALUFOX heat-insulation to 0,5cm and enabled to form the structure adequate for particular phenomena in the process of heat loss. Each phenomenon has been treated as it needs to be. Thickness increase of ALUFOX heat-insulation is non-profitable in general balance. The most important parts in the structure of ALUFOX heat-insulation are two aluminium screens which are isolated from each other with properly thick polyethylene foam where the air is closed in small spaces which minimises the convention phenomenon. While polyethylene, of which the ALUFOX heat-insulation is built, and the air located in it minimise the conduction phenomenon.

In order to understand easier the greatness of ALUFOX heat-insulation structure let us compare it with a window. Imagine that aluminium screens of ALUFOX heat-insulation are two window glasses. If it is only one aluminium screen (one glass) the direct contact of heat and cold causes quickly the thermal balance which results in the steam occurrence on the screen (glass). If we have an aluminium screen with foam, such phenomenon is similar but it proceeds more slowly. If we have two aluminium screens (two-glass window) the steam does not appear but the conduction and convention phenomena occur. The polyethylene foam filled with air bubbles introduced between two aluminium screens minimises the conduction and convention phenomena. Such structure of ALUFOX heat-insulation guarantees thermal comfort. The season of the year does not matter (direction of heat flow is minimised), the dew does not condense on any side.